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Every parent is a member of the Parent-Teacher Association of Carmel Convent School

Aims and Objectives of the PTA:-

  • To establish a close relation between parents and teachers to bring about better understanding.
  • To help the children to become healthier and better educated citizens.
  • To organize educational, social and recreational activities and to assist the school in other useful undertakings
  • To publish and issue magazines and other literature,for the furtherance of the aims and objectives of the association.

Parent Teacher Association

Primary School
Name of Parent Student Class Year
Mrs. Jayantika Sharma Kaashvi Sharma K.G B 2015-2017
Mrs. Monica Raina Kaila Dutta II B 2014-2016
Mrs. Vishakha Jamwal Lavanya Jamwal II A 2014-2016
Mrs. Tannu Monga Saanvi Monga IV B 2015-2017
Mrs. Arti Sahni Chehal Sahni V A 2014-2016
Mr. Umesh Ghai Tisya Ghai V A 2014-2016


High School
Name of Parent Student Class Year
Mr. Raju Kapur Tavishi Kapur VII B 2015-2017
Mr. Arvind Jhamb Amrita Jhamb XI A 2013-2015
Mrs. Neetu Khattar Mishika Khattar XI B 2015-2017

Teachers (2015 - 2017)

  • Mrs. Moushumi Ghosh (Secretary)
  • Mrs. Youlanda Colaco
  • Mrs. Namita Mehta
  • Mrs. Annie George
  • Mrs. Nandita Nath