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Sr. Joviana’s Christmas Message

Christmas is a magical time, a time of happiness, memories, beautiful traditions and family gatherings. As the year draws to a close and we get ready to celebrate Christmas let us also keep in our prayers particularly all those who have none to pray for them, bring them gifts and lavish dinners. It is then that Christmas acquires real meaning.

I thank you all for being my strength and support throughout the year and I pray for the goodness and goodwill of the Christmas season for yourselves and your families.


Sr. Joviana’s Message for Diamond Jubilee Celebrations !

Sixty glorious years !

At the very outset I must begin by expressing my deepest gratitude to the Almighty for placing me in a situation that has given me the privilege of being a part of the Diamond Jubilee celebrations of Carmel Convent Scool, Delhi.I feel humbled and honoured that God has chosen me to be a part of this august institution as it turns sixty, even though my tenure in this institution has been brief.

Sixty years of amazing teachers, amazing students, amazing growth, amazing activities and an amazing parent community support !

Without this co-operation and support, we would never be able to proceed on the important work we are entrusted with - of imparting education. Education that provides a dynamic learning environment and focuses on high quality teaching and learning. Education that imparts knowledge and develops thinking and working skills. Education that plays an important role in the building of character, instills the need to make a positive contribution to society, and helps to foster positive relationships in the environment that sustains them.

I have to say that I’m extremely impressed by the energy and hard work that the staff puts in to make sure that all the students of this school flourish and succeed.I congratulate them and thank them for their dedication and selfless commitment to their work.

This message would remain incomplete without expressing my deepest gratitude to Mother Theodosia, who started Carmel Convent School, Delhi in 1957. Her pioneering work was continued after her by other stalwarts - Carmel Sisters who worked relentlessly to give shape to her dream. This exalted institution is firmly rooted in their vision and dream. It is their ideals that gives us the strength to persevere to this day and carry their legacy forward.

Let us resolve to continue to work together to nurture, sustain and affirm the spirit and ethos of this great institution, and take it to the heights that destiny intended it to be.


Sr. Joviana Fernandes A.C.
Principal, Carmel Convent School