Student Exchange Programmes

Carmel has two ongoing student Exchange Programs:

The Indo-German Exchange with St. Gertrudis School, Ellwangen, Germany.
The Indo-Thai Exchange with Joseph Upatham School, Thailand.

The exchange programmes initiated by Sr. Nirmalinihave enabled better understanding of other cultures, communities, and languages. Theyfocus on homestays, language skills, community service, or cultural activities. The Indo-German exchange initiated by Sr. Nirmalini in 2009, continues to strengthen the bonds of friendship between the two schools, while the Indo-Thai exchange which began in 2013 also continues to be a success year after year.
St. Gertrudis and Carmel Convent were jointly awarded the best project award by PAD (PadagogischerAustauschdienst) or Education Exchange Service.)for their project on Women Empowerment for the year 2012-13. We were amongst the 17 best schools in Germany taking part in exchanges and carrying out well-planned projects.

Indo-German Exchange 2014-15

The sixth German exchange between Carmel Convent School, New Delhi and St. Gertrudis School, Ellwangen for the year 2014-15 began on 28th Oct 2014, with the arrival of the Principal of the German school, Sr. Birgit, German teachers - Mrs. Maria Herdeg and Dr. Joerg Andreas Wagner and 12 students in India.

This year’s exchange programme was centered around the topic “Industries”. While living with their Indian host families, the German students came to understand the culture and family life of India. Students visited different types of factories like a garment factory in Delhi, a power distribution factory-Tricolite in Manesar. The German students travelled to Agra to see the Taj Mahal where they also learnt about marble inlay work seen in the magnificent monument. In Jaipur, they saw the ancient art of block printing along with site seeing and shopping.

Apart from this they learnt to do Madhubani paintings in school. They attended the Missionaries of Charity where they spent quality time with children. They also got the opportunity to visit the Indian parliament. During this visit, they realized the many similarities between the Indian and German political system. In Delhi, the students visited Humayun’s tomb, Qutub Minar, India Gate, Lotus Temple and the Akshardham Temple. During the exchange, the mayor of Ellwangen - Mr. Volker Grab also visited the school.

The German students along with their Indian partners made various projects on the different things they had seen during their stay in India. They also participated in sports activities organized in the school.

Indo-German Exchange 2013-14

On 26th October 13, 16 students from St. Gertrudis, Ellwangen, Germany along with teachers MsDoerteBraig and Ms. Claudia Schmidt arrived in India. The topic of this year’s exchange was “Faith” and “Wealth out of Waste”.

Students of Carmel Convent along with their German partners worked on various projects related to the topic under the guidance of the Indian teachers-in-charge MsShipraSarkar and Ms. Aparna Singh. They were taken to visit various places of worship such as the Gudwara Bangla Sahib, Sacred Heart Cathedral, and Akshardham Temple. To learn more about recycling the exchange students visited TERI(The Energy and Resources Institute).

On 28th May, 2013, twelve students of class XI along with teachers Ms. Deepa Sri kumar and Ms. Urmil Mahawar of Carmel Convent School set out for Ellwangen, Germany.

The students and teachers stayed with the families of their German partners, whom they had hosted in October during their 3 week stay in Delhi. Together with their German counterparts, the students and teachers went to Bodensee for 4 days. This was a delightful experience for all as they visited the Manau Flower Island, several museums and the Ulm Minster.

On the 3rd of June the Indian students were given a warm welcome at St. Gertrudisschool and in the following days, they attended classes and had interactive sessions with the German students. They also had an opportunity to meet the Mayor of Ellwangen. Keeping in mind the theme of the exchange, “Women Empowerment”, the students watched movies, researched and made projects on some of the famous women of Germany. On the weekends, the students visited several cities along with their German families and this was a time cherished by all!

As the trip was nearing its end, the students put up a farewell programme for the entire school as well as for the families. The programme was a colourful display of Indian folk, classical and Bollywood dances and music. It was a huge success and much appreciated by all.

Indo-German Exchange 2012-13

On 27th October 2012, 24 students from St. Gertrudis, Ellwangen, Germany along with Sr. Anna Maria, Tr. Maria Herdeg and Tr. Astrid Wolter arrived in India as a part of the ongoing Indo German Exchange Program. The welcome assembly to felicitate the Germans, was held on 29th October. The topic of the exchange this year was “Women Empowerment”. Students of Carmel Convent School, with their German partners, undertook various projects related to the topic. They visited the Taj Mahal, learnt about Noor Jahan and Rani JodhaBai, who contributed extensively towards Indian Culture.

In keeping with the spirit of this exchange, projects were taken on Mother Veronica, founder of the school, Indira Gandhi, the first women Prime Minister of India, Mother Teresa, the epitome of peace and generosity and Sr. Nirmalini, school principal. The students visited many places like the Orphanage in Jungpura run by the Missionaries of Charity, Indira Gandhi Memorial, Akshardham Temple, Bahai Temple, Humanyun’s Tomb and the DilliHaat. A puppet making workshop was conducted in the school for them. The students celebrated Diwali, with the school and the host families. The highlight of the visit was a personal meeting with Ms Sonia Gandhi, president of the Congress party. The German students and teachers had a wonderful stay in Delhi. Together with their partners they had an experience of a lifetime.

In the month of June, twelve students of class XI accompanied by the principal Sr. Nirmalini and teachers MsSuchandaSen and Ms. Vatsala Bajpai visited St. Gertrudis School, Ellwangen, Germany, for a period of three weeks. During their twenty one day visit from 5th to 24th June, the students and teachers stayed with their German counterparts. On a four day trip to Berlin the students visited the famous Brandenburger tor, the Bundestag, the Ritter Sport chocolate factory, the Pergamon Museum and the Indian Embassy. The highlights of the trip were watching the YMA musical and a visit to the world famous Madam Tussauds.

The Indian students were given a warm welcome in St. Gertrudis by their principal Sr. Birgit, the teachers and students. They attended classes and interacted with the German students. Dressed in saris the girls met the Mayor of Ellwangen in the Town Hall and impressed him with their intelligent questions. They showcased presentations made on various aspects of Indian life and put up some cultural items too.

In keeping with the central theme of the exchange, “Women Empowerment”, the students made projects on famous German women, watched movies on their lives and visited various related places. Learning about Berta Benz, the brave wife of Carl Benz, they visited the Mercedez Benz museum in Stuttgart. They saw paintings made by Sr. Innocentia Hummel when they visited the Franciscan Sisters at the Mother House in Siessen. They bought cute teddy bears from the MargaretteSteiff teddy bear museum in Geingen and even learnt to make creams from the recipes of St. Hildegard of Bingen. Reading about the life of St. Gertrude they were impressed by her mysticism. A visit to the TieferStollen mines was a real eye opener about the lives of miners.

During their stay the Indian students became extremely close to their German host families and learnt much about German culture and traditions. They relished the German cuisine, in particular Spaetzle and ate a lot of strawberries which were just about everywhere. Munich. Along with their German families they visited the medieval towns of Dinkelbuhl, Rothenburg and some even went to Munich. The Indian teachers accompanying the students also had an extremely enriching experience thanks to their German counterparts, Ms Maria Herdeg and Ms Astrid Wolter. They were able to integrate effortlessly into the working of St. Gertrudis and made the bonds between the two schools grow even stronger. The teachers visited the Sisters in the convent and the homes of some German teachers.

Towards the end of their stay there were farewell ceremonies where the Carmel students presented a variety of Indian songs and dances. Some of them even learnt to play the cajon. The students were showered with so much love and care by their host families that parting was difficult indeed.

Indo-Thai Exchange programme 2014-15

On 30th March, 2015 a group of 12 students along with 2 teachers from the Joseph Upatham School, Thailand came to New Delhi. This was the 4th Indo-Thailand Exchange Program held between the two schools. The students were given an audio visual presentation to give them an idea of Carmel and its activities. To know more about India they visited Agra,to see the Taj. In Delhi they visited the Akshardham temple, Lotus temple, Humayun’s Tomb, Red fort,India gate, Mineral museum etc. A day spent in Pratapgarh farms gave them the rural India experience. Dillihaat, Sarojini Nagar and Janpath offered them a great shopping experience. Buddy day was a fun day for the group as the Thai students spent the day with the Carmel students and their families.

On 29th October, 2014, 15 students along with Tr. Nandita, Tr. Merlyn and Sr. Humbeline left for an Exchange Program to Thailand to strengthen the bond of friendship between Carmel Convent School, New Delhi and Joseph Upatham School, SampranNakhonPathom. During the 12 day visit, the Indian students interacted with their Thai buddies, attended classes, did various activities such as the Thai classical dance and music, learnt Thai craft, had a friendly match of chairball with the buddies and lots more.

Indo-Thailand Exchange 2013-14

A group of 19 students along with 2 teachers, Mr. Supawat and Mrs. Surinda from St. Joseph Upatham School, Bangkok visited India for an educational and cultural exchange programme. They stayed as guests of Carmel Convent School, Delhi from 21st April to 3rd May 2013. They were a part of our academic and co-curricular routine and got to interact with all the students of standard X. Their itinerary also included a trip to Agra, visiting the TajMahal and the Akshardham Temple, QutubMinar and other monuments. They particularly enjoyed the Light and Sound show at PuranaQuila.Besides experiencing the “Earth-Day Mela” organized by the school, two days from their trip to India were kept as “Buddy’s Day” in which they visited Indian households with their Indian friends and had a taste of both Indian Culture and Cuisine.

Indo-Pak Exchange Programme

Three students of class XII along with Tr. Navneet travelled to Kathmandu, Nepal for an Indo-Pak conference organized by Caritas on 10th March. It was a four day long trip where the students from various schools of India and Pakistan interacted with each other. An official opening ceremony was held where students from both countries performed. Discussions centered around peace between India and Pakistan were held where the students talked about how to inculcate peace at the grass-root level and in the international scenario. A cultural night was held where students of both the countries showcased their cultures. They were able to enjoy some sight-seeing too. It was an enriching experience for the students.

Indo-Australian Exchange

Ms. Erin Geddess from Wavell Public School, Brisbane, Australia, was in Carmel Convent School from 13th to 19th January, 2010. Ms. Geddess interacted with the staff and students of Carmel. She took part in various activities which included observing lessons, teaching poetry to students of class XI, attending yoga and art classes.

35 students and 5 staff members of Rosebay School, Sydney came to Carmel Convent School Delhi in April 2007. The visit was a great significance because the First Secretary of the Australian High Commission made a personal visit to the school to initiate the proceedings. The interaction between the students of the two schools left a deep impact upon the students. As a part of the on-going process Ms. SudhaRangarajan visited Australia in May 2008 along with twelve teachers from various schools of Delhi.

Indo-Sri Lankan Exchange

In June 2007, 10 students of Carmel Convent School, Delhi accompanied by Sr. Julia and Ms. PreetiShenoy visited Holy Family Convent, Sri Lanka as a part of a cultural exchange program. The entire program was a part of the India-Sri Lanka Foundation which aims at fostering bilateral relations between the two countries.

One of the projects of this Foundation is to strengthen academic links between India and Sri Lanka through student exchange programs. After preliminary talks between Sr. Nirmalini and member of the Foundation, Sr. Nirmalini visited Sri Lanka as a state guest in May 20007. In continuation of this student Exchange Programme, students from Holy Family Convent, Colombo along with their principal Sr. ChandaniJayasurya and Ms Samantha were in Delhi in August 07. They were given a brief idea about our education system and teaching methodology.

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