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Title : Carmel hosts Iridescence 2016

The cultural week, a series of interschool competitions and activities organized every year by Carmel Convent School, New Delhi was held this year from 20th July to the 24th in the school campus. The fest, aptly titled Iridescence, showcased a wondrous spectrum of youthful skill and talent.

The fest was inaugurated on the 20th by the principal, Sr.Joviana, the vice-principal Sr.Tina Maria and Sr.Lisetta and marked the beginning of a wonderful and successful week. The many contests organized were attended by various schools from across the city including St.Columba?s, Modern School (Barakhamba and Vasant Vihar), Army Public School and Vasant Valley School. The response was commendable, and the contestants participated with a spirit of camaraderie and bonhomie.

Competitions were held in the fields of dance, debate, art, Social sciences, psychology, computers, music and science among others. The newly introduced science event called ?The Amazing Race?, which involved teams of two, performing tasks and deciphering scientific clues to clinch the prize, was a huge success. The competition was close and fast pace and adrenaline pumped activities added to the excitement! The ?Capture the Market? event which involved teams of four setting up their own food stalls to make profit was a huge success. The food was delicious and the competition keen.

The participating schools found the experience of the week deeply enriching and looked towards taking part in the coming years. They further said that showcasing their talent before such an enthusiastic and admiring crowd was a pleasure in itself!

The host school was also very pleased with the success of this fest. While every Cultural Week is memorable, this one has found itself a special place. The week, thus, ended on a memorable note, leaving behind sentiment, fulfillment, achievement, oneness and nostalgia.

The spirit of friendly competition glowed bright as excellent students showcased exceptional talent and zeal and put together a week that shone with the iridescent brilliance of the Sun.

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Title : Carmel celebrates Feast Day of Our Lady of Mount Carmel

16th July is a day of joy for us Carmelites as we celebrate the Feast of our Patroness, our Lady of Mount Carmel . We are grateful to our Blessed Mother for her constant maternal care. We intercede to her to shower her blessings on all our students, staff and their families on this great feast day. 

On 15th July a special assembly was held where the students of the junior school emphasized the virtues of Our Mother. Chocolates were distributed to all the students.

The celebration this year was indeed special as the school celebrates its Diamond Jubilee.  On 16th July there was a Eucharistic celebration in the school auditorium wherein the whole Carmel family participated with great love and devotion.  A mass was conducted by Rev. Msgr. Henryk  JagodzinskiMsgr. Henryk hails from Poland. He entered the diplomatic service of the Holy See and served in the Apostolic Nunciatures at Belarus and Croatia and at the Vatican Secretariat of State, Section for the Relations with states. He was appointed as First Counselor at the Apostolic Nunciature, Delhi on 1st July 2015. 

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Title : German Exchange 2015-16

As a part of the ongoing Indo German Exchange programme twelve students of class XI along with Tr. Rekha Roy and Tr. Linda Colaco left for St. Gertrudis, Ellwangen, Germany on 22nd May 2016.

The Indian students were given a warm welcome by the teachers and students of St. Gertrudis. They attended classes and interacted with the German students.

During their twenty one day visit, the students and teachers stayed with their German counterparts. The Indian students became extremely close to their German host families, learnt much about German culture and traditions and relished the German cuisine.

With the theme of the exchange being religion this year the students visited The House of Religions in Hannove and spent four days in a youth hostel.  They were lucky to catch a glimpse of religious art, Synagogue, Basilika and churches. They also visited a cabaret theatre, the Mercedes Benz Museum in Stuttgart and the Hanover Zoo. 

On the last day, the students showcased Indian culture through various performances for aged sisters, host families, students and staff at St. Gertrudis.

The students were showered with so much love and care by their host families that parting was difficult indeed.

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Title : Silver Jubilee Alumni Meet of Batch 1991

This year's Silver Jubilee Alumni batch of 1991 had a fun-filled reunion in the school auditorium on 2nd May 2015. The Alumni went down memory lane as they watched a presentation on Carmel Convent School presented by Sr.Joviana .

The Event was attended by Provincial Superior Sr.Nirmalini A.C , 22 teachers and 40 Alumni of silver jubilee batch of 1991.

In appreciation, the BATCH OF 1991, has collectively set up a scholarship for deserving students with the support and guidance of their Alma Mater. The Batch of 1991 Endowment Fund will be managed by the school, and will help to pay the fees for some students every year, starting from academic year 2016-2017 the silver jubilee year of Batch 1991. We appreciate their efforts wholeheartedly, and are proud of the values they have carried forth from their Alma Mater.

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Title : Indo-Thai Exchange Programme 2016

Indo-Thai Exchange Programme 2016
A group of 24 students along with 3 teachers  St. Joseph Upatham School, Bangkok visited India for an educational and cultural exchange programme. They stayed as guests of Carmel Convent School, Delhi from 20th April to 30th April 2013. They were a part of our academic and co-curricular routine and got to interact with all the students of standard  X. Their itinerary also included a trip to Agra, visiting the Taj Mahal, the Akshardham Temple, Qutub Minar and other monuments. They particularly enjoyed the Light and Sound show at the Akshardham Temple

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Title : Book Week 2016

Book Week was organised in Carmel from 25th to 28th April by Scholastic India Pvt. Ltd.  The aim of the event was to inculcate good reading habit among students. On 25th April a special assembly was conducted regarding the Book Week and the students were given half an hour reading time. 


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Title : Erfahrungsbericht Menschen Bewegen Berlin 2016

Culture and Education bring people together and together, people can move mountains. Sr. Tina Maria, the German teachers Ma'am Ulrike and Sanjay Sir along with three students, Bhavika Sharma, Sera G. Gomes and Harshini Davuluri attended the World Conference of Culture and Education organized by the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Berlin from 13th to 15th April. Almost 500 people from more than 30 countries of the world were present.

After the grand opening in the 'World Hall' of the Foreign Ministry, there were several workshops lined up, such as Poetry Slam, Model European Union and Wheelchair Basketball. The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr. Frank-Walter Steinmeier, closed the event with his speech.

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Title : Earth Day 2016

Earth day was celebrated on 22nd April 2016 in Carmel. It was organized by the Environment club (In-charges,Tr. Anita Arora and Tr. Renu Dhawan) with the support of School Principal Sr. Joviana. Various competitions were held on the day i.e. paper Bag and envelope making for class 6th, Poster making for class 7th, Rangoli making for class 8th, Best out of waste for class 9th and slogan writing for class 11th. Students used eco friendly material for the same. The products of various competitions were then displayed in the auditorium for students. An assembly was conducted on the importance of Earth day and how students can contribute in saving our mother earth. 

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Title : Visit to Shapur Nangli village

Sr. Jovianna, Sr.Tina and Tr.Kiran visited the Shapur Nangli village of Nuh district on 29th March 2016. A medical team was taken along carrying medical supply for the villagers.  The village children were taught various rhymes and songs which filled them with great joy. They were also given lessons on sanitation and hygiene. 

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Title : Orientation Programme

Orientation programs were conducted for parents to make them aware about the school curriculum and the teaching methodologies being followed.

 Class VI - 31st March

The orientation began with a presentation on Mother Veronica which gave the parents an understanding of our Foundress?s working. Sr. Jovianna gave a brief glimpse of the activities which were to be held in the school throughout the year. The guest speaker Dr Shelja Sen, a child and adolescent psychologist, family therapist and author of the book ?The Art of Mindful Parenting? gave tips on effective parenting while making several references to her book.

Class IV and V- 9th April

A presentation on the examination pattern (CCE) to be followed for the whole year was presented to the parents of class IV and V. The parents were also informed about the various activities done by the children. The teacher in charge of primary Sr. Beena, introduced the teachers to the parents. The programme concluded with some important information given to the parents and an interactive session with them.

Class XI - 21st April

Sr. Jovianna in her address to the parents said that the support and cooperation of parents is vital in achieving the best possible education for the students. She spoke about the rules and regulations the students have to follow throughout the year. 

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