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Title : Sr. Joviana attends the National Progressive Schools Conference

Sr. Joviana and teachers Pushpinder Kaur and Preeti Shenoy attended the 44th Annual Conference of the National Progressive Schools on 16th and 17th Feb at the India International Centre.  

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Title : Evening School Activities

To bring in a sense creativity and imagination amongst the students of the evening school,a card making workshop was conducted by Ms. Richa Verma, the art teacher of the school for them on the occasion of Christmas. Students studying in classes 3 to 5 attended the workshop and learnt some innovative concepts of 3D card making through paper folding. 

Computer classes  were also conducted by Tr. Shilpi Mathur for the students in order to acquaint them with technology.

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Title : Reading Time organised for students

On 14 February,Reading Time was held in Carmel to inculcate good reading habits amongst students.40 minutes were dedicated for this wherein the Students,Principal and Staff participated in the effort.

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Title : Educational Trip For Class VIII

On 8th February, an educational trip was organised for the students of Class VIII to Nehru Planetarium and Nehru Museum. The students were accompanied by Tr Nandita Nath and Tr Preeti Shenoy.

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Title : Community Service By Class IX C

On 4th February 2017, as a part of Carmel Convent's outreach program, the students of Class IX went for community service to three different places- Holy family Asha Niwas, which is an orphanage for girls, Mother Teresa Jeevan Jyoti for the mentally challenged and Nirmal Jyoti, Sisters of St. Josephs Congregation. Groups of 15 students accompanied by two teachers went to each place. Daily essentials had been collected for the organisations.

The students conducted a short entertaining performance followed by an interactive session wherein the children of the orphanage were involved  in several games and activities. The children of the orphanages too made an effort and put forward a great performance for the visitors. The children connected very well and strong bonds of friendship were created. 

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Title : Alumni Get Together

An Alumni get together was organized for all batches on 28th January 2017.  Provincial Superior Sr.Nirmalini A.C., Sr. Joviana A.C., Sr. Tina Maria  and seventy Alumni attended the meeting.  The program commenced with a prayer and hymn followed by a presentation on the previous Alumni meetings by Tr. Preeti Shenoy.


The Alumni were happy to interact with Sr Nirmalini and hear her address. Some of the Alumni shared their experiences in school, in particular about the value education classes which played an important role in molding their personalities. 


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Title : Republic Day celebrations and Investiture Ceremony

The 68th Republic Day was celebrated in all its solemnity and grandeur at Carmel Convent School, New Delhi, on 25th January 2017. The students saluted the National Flag, sang the National Anthem and pledged themselves to uphold the honour, integrity, diversity and uniqueness that is India.

The school echoed with patriotic fervor as the children sang patriotic songs. The girls marched in perfect synchronization to the beats of the school band.  Chief Guest Mrs Tripti Gurha, Director (IITs) in the Department of Higher Education of MHRD the addressed the students and urged them to do their best and to be kind and compassionate and feel proud to be Indians.

It was also a special day for the school as the new cabinet for the year 2017-18 was inducted. The school witnessed the formal handing over of responsibilities by the outgoing to the incoming cabinet. 

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Title : Cyber Safety Awareness in Carmel

School children because of their inquisitiveness and curiosity are at a great risk to becoming victims of cyber crime. Offences such as harassment on social media, online stalking, bullying, frauds etc are finding targets amongst teenagers.

 On 21st December Tr.Suchanda Sen, Tr.Urmil Mahawar and Tr.Rashmi Chopra of the Computer Science department attended a workshop conducted by the Delhi Police where participating teachers were sensitized on the aspects of cyber safety and inculcating safe online habits amongst children to counter the threats of cyber crime.

 Further to this the Computer Science department has been conducting workshops for the students of classes IV to XII in the month of January to generate awareness amongst children about cyber security. Students were shown videos, presentations and interactive sessions were conducted. A poster making competition on the topic of Cyber Safety was conducted in various classes.

 A Cyber Safety workshop was also conducted to sensitize the teachers of the primary school.



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Title : Night stay for students of class XII

A night stay was organized for the students of class XII on 16th Jan.  Under the supervision of their teachers students  enjoyed the warmth of the bonfire  while dancing to music and having a sumptuous dinner organized for them.

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Title : Mini Fete held in Carmel

A mini fete was for students was held in the school on 17th December. Stalls selling mouth watering delicacies, games stalls and a stall selling Diamond Jubilee merchandise like mugs, key-chains, jackets were set up.

With the DJ playing festive, feet tapping music the school's basketball court turned into every Carmelite's dance floor.

Students enjoyed the fun and festivities. The efforts of teachers, students and workers made the occasion a success.

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