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Title : Christmas play by the students of the Afternoon school

A Christmas play was staged by the students of the Afternoon school on 20th December.  Under the guidance of the school Sisters the students staged a beautifully enacted play in the school auditorium. They were treated to a special Christmas lunch and received gifts too.  Some of the students of class 9 had volunteered to work for the event as a part of their Service Learning.

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Title : Carmel Fete 2018

On 15th of December, the school grounds welcomed visitors to the eagerly anticipated annual Carmel Fete. The guest of honour Ms. Aakriti Narang, an alumna and entrepreneur inaugurated the fest with an inspiring speech urging the students to be brave and follow their dreams.

The festivities were kicked off by joyous Christmas carols sung by the members of the school choir ,the HMM group, filling the air with Christmas cheer. With the DJ playing everyone's favorite tunes against the clear, sunny skies it didn't take long before the basketball court transformed into the dance floor.
A plethora of games and challenges, photo booth, mouth watering delicacies, garment stalls and rides awaited the students and parents. The stalls managed by the students turned out to be a huge success as the students utilising creative license ensured a steady flow of patrons.
The highlight of the celebration was the Flash mob put together by Synergy, the Dance Club of the school.  

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Title : Indo- Thai Exchange 2018

15 students and 2 teachers of Carmel Convent School visited Joseph Upatham School, Thailand from 27th October to 7th November, 2018 as part of the Indo-Thailand Student Cultural Exchange Program. Joseph Upatham School organized a beautiful welcome assembly and greeted the Carmel students and teachers with orchid garlands. The assembly included PowerPoint presentations on the school?s history and administrative structure. The students performed songs and graceful Thai folk dances during the assembly. Carmel students were then allotted their Thai buddy friends to interact with throughout their stay.

Over the days, the Carmel students participated enthusiastically in learning about Thailand culture through various activities organized by the host school. The girls learnt basics of Bamboo and cha-cha dance, how to make lovely coin purses, tasty pandan desserts and pandan flower bouquets. The students were also a part of the Sports Day event of Joseph Upatham School where they marched with the other students. The event was a grand success and it was heart warming to see all the efforts put in by Thai students in preparing all the props on their own. Carmel students also got an opportunity to visit various classes during school hours, interact with students from different grades and observe how classes are conducted in Thailand schools. Our students also attended the Halloween assembly dressed up in special costumes and makeup!

The students visited various places outside the school as well like Wax Museums, Elephant and Crocodile Farm, Riverside City, Phuttamonthon Buddhist Park, Upside Down World and many big malls like JJ Mall, Big C, Tesco etc. and thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it. The most memorable day however was the "Buddy Day" where students and teachers headed out individually with their respective Thai buddies and their families to experience the true Thailand life.

Towards the end of the visit, the students decorated bulletin boards based on their experiences in Thailand and to specially to thank all the teachers for organizing every activity and taking great care in making the stay comfortable.

On the last day, Joseph Upatham School organized a farewell dinner in honour of Carmel students and teachers which was attended by the entire administrative staff, teachers, PTA members, buddy students and their families. Heartfelt speeches were given by Ms. Sanjeeta Pillai and a Carmel student to thank each and everyone at Joseph Upatham for their love and humbling hospitality. Carmel students also performed beautiful group dances on Bollywood songs and sang songs based on friendship apt for the special bond they shared with their Thai buddies. The Thai students in return performed traditional Thai dances for their Indian friends. Carmel students and teachers returned back to India with many thoughtful gifts they received from Joseph Upatham School administration and staff members but more importantly they returned home with beautiful memories that will last them for a lifetime.

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Title : Middle School Annual Day - Oliver Twist

The middle school Annual Day was held on 27th November 2018. The students of the middle school staged the Charles Dickens classic Oliver Twist.There were two shows held one after the other.Ms. Amrita Bhalla, the Head of Department of English, Jesus and Mary  graced the first show. Senior Advocate , Dayan Krishnan was the chief guest at the second show.  Carmel has always believed in enhancing a student's potential to the fullest extent.Challenging auditions took place in the beginning of the session that led to months of grueling practice. Directed by Ms.Archana Sharma and Ms. Nabomi Mondal, assisted by Mr. Ashwini Verma, choir direction by Mr. Reginald Samuel and choreographed by Ms. Sunaina the event was made possible through the coordinated efforts of the students, their parents and the teachers as each of them had a role to play in the production of this musical.


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Title : Junior school Annual Day

The junior school classes I, II, III celebrated their Annual Day on the morning of 20th December 2018. The programme began with a prayer dance. The students presented a musical rendition of Lewis Carroll's famous literary work 'Alice in Wonderland'. It was a spectacular programme greatly appreciated by the Chief Guest, Mrs Nidhi Verma and the parents. The highlight of the programme was that each and every student participated in the event.

Classes IV & V of the junior school also celebrated their Annual Day on the evening of 20th December 2018 by staging a musical of L. Frank Baum's famous literary classic 'The Wizard of Oz'. In her speech, the Principal Sr. Tina Maria stressed on encouraging our students to read and enjoy English literary works of famous authors. The Chief Guest Mrs Avinder Ghura lauded the efforts of the staff and students. Parents spent a delightful evening watching their children enthrall them with their lively performance.

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Title : Children Day

Carmel celebrated Children's Day on 14th of November with the teachers performing for their dear students. The celebration saw the mentors dancing to the latest Bollywood hits. The teachers also serenaded the students with a medley of famous pop wonders. A fun game of Tambola was played with the students winning numerous prizes. To top everything off, the students were treated with chocolates.

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Title : Diwali Assembly

On the 5th of November, the morning was brightened by an enthusiastic Diwali celebration. There were various folk dances performed which were preceded by a prayer dance. The event included a Nukkad Natak(Street Play) and a puppet show, presented by classes eight and nine, which emphasized  the importance of an Eco-friendly Diwali. It was a morning bursting with energy, joy and knowledge. Although, the celebration carried a light-hearted tone, the values of Diwali were deeply recognized and enjoyed.

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Title : Indo-German Exchange Decennial celebrations

Carmel Convent School and St. Gertrudis School Ellwangen, Germany celebrated its decennial jubilee of the Indo German Exchange programme on 2nd November 2018.

Sr. Nirmalini, Provincial Superior of the congregation of Apostolic Carmel, Western province graced the event. The function was also attended by the Mayor of Ellwangen, Volker Grab, the First Lady, Sabine Grab, and several other dignitaries. The German Cultural Counsellor, Johanna Borchardt, presided over the event as the chief guest. Carmel teachers and students both present and alumni, who had been a part of the exchange attended the event.

In a spectacular program held in the school auditorium students of CCS and St. Gertrudis mesmerized the guests with their colorful performances. Speeches were made by the principals of the schools, teachers and students. A movie encapsulating the 10 years of the exchange sent many down a trip on memory lane

The Indo-German exchange initiated by Sr. Nirmalini in 2009, continues to strengthen the bonds of friendship between the two schools. The past ten years gave both the schools opportunities for a rich exchange of culture, tradition and ethnicity. The exchange programmes not only bring two distinct countries and schools together, but also create bonds of friendship between teachers, students and their families.

This year, 8 pupils and 4 teachers from St. Gertrudis School Ellwangen have visited India as exchange partners of Carmel Convent School. While addressing the audience, the German Cultural counsellor emphasized the importance of exchange programmes and said "Exchange programmes give exposure to a foreign culture. The differences in food, language, traditions, and sometimes even clothing and architecture, can open one's mind to new ways of living and being".

St. Gertrudis and Carmel Convent were jointly awarded the best project award by PAD (PadagogischerAustauschdienst) or Education Exchange Service.)for their project on Women Empowerment for the year 2012-13.  Carmel Convent has nearly 350 students learning German which was introduced in the school in 2010 and is taught from the 6th class onwards. The School became a Part of Pasch Initiative in 2014 under the umbrella of Central Agency of Schools Abroad ZfA. In 2015, Carmel Convent School became the first school in India whose students were awarded the German Language Diploma.

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Title : German Exchange - Welcome Assembly

On 1st November, an assembly was held  to welcome and honour  Sr Birgit, principal, 4 teachers and 8 students of St Gertrudis, Ellwangen who are visiting India as a part of the Indo-German exchange. Sr. Nirmalini, Provincial superior, Western province also graced the occasion. This year Carmel Convent School and St Gertrudis will be celebrating the 10th year of a highly successful exchange. The theme this year is to encapsulate best of the 10 years of the exchange.


Sr. Tina Maria, principal Carmel Convent school welcomed the guests while Sr. Nirmalini and Sr. Birgit reminisced how the exchange program had been initiated and about the deep bonds of friendship between the two principals. The students gave vibrant performances showcasing Indian culture. This extravagant show was a befitting start to a grand Decennial celebration


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Title : Discussion between German learning students and Dr Norbert Lammert

Prof Dr Norbert Lammert, former President of the German Parliament and current Chairman, Konrad Adenauer Foundation (KAS), visited Carmel Convent School (CCS) in New Delhi on Wednesday, 17th October 2018. The School, a PASCH School, under the umbrella of ZfA (Central Agency for German Schools Abroad), hosted a podium discussion in cooperation with the KAS on "The value of democracy and the role of the youth within it". 


Arshia, Divya, Prisha and Pritika, class XII students of CCS and Alina, Franziska, Ian and Katharina, class XII students of the German School New Delhi (DSND) participated in the debate, moderated by Prof. Lammert using German as the medium of communication. The detailed debate with the students on democracy, liberty and equality impressed Prof. Lammert. 


Graf v. d. Schulenburg, Head of the Cultural Department complemented that he was impressed by language proficiency of the Indian students and profound understanding of democracy of all students. 

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