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Title : Sr Sumita Feast and bidding farewell to Tr. Harsh Kamra

On 4th of February 2019, a special assembly was held to celebrate the feast of Sr. Sumita A.C., school manager and primary school- in-charge and bid farewell to our beloved teacher  Ms. Harsh Kamra.  The programme began with a prayer dance followed by wonderful performances by Tarana and the Synergy dance club. Sr. Sumita gave an inspiring speech to the students and even prayed for them. 

Carmel bid farewell to Tr. Harsh Kamran who will be retiring after 24 years of dedicated service.  Tr. Harsh Kamra has been the head of the Hindi department for nearly 15 years. In her speech Sr. Tina Maria praised Tr. Harsh by saying that she managed her work and the duties assigned to her very efficiently. She had a flair in conducting co-curricular activities such as debates, Nukkar Natak, recitation. Our students have always excelled in zonal and interschool competitions under her able guidance. She has given a lot of extra time towards the improvement of weak students and her efforts have always shown results. Tr Harsh was very much liked by the students because of her conduct, behavior and teaching methodologies.

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Title : Visitors from Asha Daan, New Delhi

On 27th October, 2018, as a part of their service learning program, students of class IX organized a funfilled event for visitors from the Asha Daan orphanage.  A cultural programme of song and dance, various activities and games were organized by the students to entertain the guests. The visitors relished the refreshments served.

Efforts of teachers in charge Tr. Rekha and Tr. Nayani and the students of class IX were appreciated by all.  It was a learning experience for the students. 


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Title : All Batch Alumni meeting

An All Batch Alumni meeting was organized on 2nd February, 2019.  The alumni were welcomed by Sr. Tina Maria and were glad to see many of the teachers who had taught them, some of whom are now retired. Presentations about the school and about the functioning of alumni were shown.


Some of the alumni spoke about their contributions to society. Ms Anupa Gupta, founder member of the Alumni committee offered her services voluntarily for Carmel students. Ms Gupta has been working for over a decade and a half with children having learning disabilities.


Ms Rashmi Virmani, fashion show choreographer and doyenne of the Indian fashion industry recollected her school days. Ms Priti Sarin Dhawan, professor of philosophy at the Lady Shriram College was kind enough to address our young alumni about career planning.




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Title : Community Service by class IX C

On 2nd February 2019, as a part of Carmel Convent's outreach program, the students of class IX C along with Sr. Jenifa  and teachers   went for the community service to the Nuh Village in Haryana.  For the welfare and development of the villagers  , Carmel students interacted with the village was a fun event where the poems were recitated and games were being played . The carmel students connected very well with the students of the village.


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Title : Republic Day and Investiture Ceremony 2019

The 70th Republic Day was celebrated in all its solemnity and grandeur at Carmel Convent School , New Delhi , on 24th January , 2019 . The students saluted the national flag , sang the National anthem and pledged themselves to uphold the diversity and heritage that is India .

The school resounded with patriotic songs  and the marching squad marched in perfect synchronization  to the beats of school band . Chief guest Justice Kurian Joseph , chairman of India Law Institute and Chief justice of Himachal Pradesh High court addressed the students , urged them to do their best , feel proud to be Indians and also said " Discipline decides your destiny . You can reach your success but your attitude will determine altiitude .

It was also a magnificent  day for the school as the new cabinet for  the year 2018-2019 was elected . The school witnessed the handing over of responsibilities by the outgoing to the incoming cabinet.

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Title : Cancer awareness at Carmel

On 21st January, 2019 as part of the service learning, the students of class IX staged a Nukkad Natak on increasing the awareness of Cancer amongst the students. The concept was to make all aware of the fact that life style choices impact our overall health and that many types of cancer are directly associated with unhealthy habits.

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Title : Reading time for students

On 19th January 2019, reading time was held in Carmel to inculcate good reading habits among students. The 1st period was allotted for reading where students , teachers and principal participated .


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Title : Evening get together for class XII

            On the last day of their pre-board exams the students of class XII enjoyed a lovely evening in the school. There was music, dance and lots of delicious food. The huge bonfire didn't let the students feel the chill of the cold winter nights. Sr. Tina Maria and teachers of class XI and XII also attended the full event.

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Title : Christmas celebrations 2018

A  Christmas assembly was organized by the students of primary school on 21st December, 2018. The students presented a beautiful skit about the importance of Christmas. They enacted events about the birth of Jesus. Santa added to the fervor of the festive mood. He brought happiness in his bag filled with toffees. On this auspicious occasion, Sister Tina Maria gave an inspiring  speech to the students asking them to help the poor and needy in the season of love and peace and reach out to the weaker sections of the society.

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Title : Visit to Tihar Jail 2018

On 17th of December, 18 students along with the Principal, Sr. Tina Maria and Tr. Annie George visited the Tihar Jail as part of one of the many Community Service activities undertaken by the School. The Students put up a lively programme for the under trials and inmates which began with the introduction of the Chief guest, Bishop Jacob mar Barnabas followed by a hymn, dances, carol singing and a skit titled, 'The Bishop's Candlesticks'.  A few inmates too performed towards the end of the programme. 
Later on the students interacted with the chief guest, Jail superintendent, DS and the Ministry which  facilitates education and provides health amenities  for the prisoners. The Ministry also works to foster morals and ethics in the individuals present there in order to aid their psychological development. 

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