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Title : Sr. Tina’s Feast Day

On 20th of July, Sr. Tina Maria's feast day was celebrated in the school's premises. Sr. Tina Maria A.C. who has always emphasized on the power of prayer is one of the pillars of our institution. The assembly, initiated by a prayer dance, saw the students expressing their gratitude for the presence and positive impact of Sr. Tina in their lives. The assembly was brought to a close by  an inspiring speech by Sr. Tina.

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Title : Workshop on synthetic biology

iGEM(International Genetically Engineered Machines)IITD,a technical club of IIT Delhi conducted an interactive hands on workshop to spread awareness on synthetic biology for biology students of classes 11 and 12 on 17th july, 2018.This workshop was organised by Tr. Anita Arora.
The workshop included activities such as DNA isolation,Streaking of fluorescent proteins,a synbio intellect quiz and a short presentation about their work.
The workshop provided the students an idea of the nature of work involved in a professional synthetic biology laboratory and how bacteria can be  engineered in a lab.Students also had an  interactive session  with IIT Students regarding future prospects.

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Title : Feast Of Mount Carmel

On the 13th Of July, the Feast of Mount Carmel was celebrated in the school's premises in a beautiful ceremony organised by the Junior school. A musical play imparting the virtues of Mother Mary commemorated the completion of 150th year of Congregation of Apostolic Carmel.

The ceremony also marked the release of the school's magazine,' Carmel Expressions' for the year 2017-18.

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Title : Re-opening ceremony

On 3rd of July,on the re-opening of the school, an assembly was held welcoming Sr. Tina Maria A.C. as the school's Principal, Sr. Sumita as the school's manager and the headmistress of the Junior school and Sr. Veronica as the in-charge of the Pre- Primary wing. 
Tr. Ruchi Paul was also inducted as the Geography teacher of Middle and Senior school.
Towards the end of the ceremony, Sr. Tina Maria A.C. felicitated sports achievers from the Junior school and German Olympiad winners from Xth  grade.

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Title : Indo - Thailand Exchange 2018

14 students and 2 teachers of St. Joseph Upatham School, Thailand visited Carmel Convent School, New Delhi as a part of the Indo-Thailand Student Cultural Exchange Program from 15th April to 28th April, 2018.

They were welcomed by students of Carmel in traditional Indian style with aarti and tilak which was followed by short presentations on the history of Carmel. They were also given glimpses of Indian culture. Students and teachers of Class X also arranged food stalls with delicious classic dishes from all over India.

During their stay, the Thai students and teachers visited various heritage sites like the Taj Mahal, Akshardham and Lotus Temple in Delhi to learn more about Indian culture. They also visited the Parliament House. The students and teachers also enjoyed visiting various Delhi markets like Dilli Haat, Ambience Mall and Sarojini Nagar Market and picked up Indian souvenirs for friends and family. Numerous activities like yoga session, photography class, cookery class, pottery class, Indian herbs class, Odissi dance session, inter school throwball match, tie and dye, mehandi were also organised within the school during their visit. 

The Thai students particularly enjoyed "Buddy Day" where they were allowed to spend a Sunday with various groups of Class X students of Carmel who took them for Delhi sightseeing and lunch. The visiting students  thoroughly enjoyed their stay and made lots of new friends, which was evident during the farewell when they found it difficult to say goodbye. The Thailand students prepared a board showcasing their memories of the 2 week visit and organised a beautiful assembly comprising of Thai folk dance, warrior dance, group song and heartfelt farewell speeches. The assembly was followed by lunch organised by Sr. Joviana in honour of the Thailand delegates. 

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Title : Bidding Farewell to Sr. Lisetta, Sr. Joviana , Sr. Emelda Mary and Tr Ruma Nandy

A farewell assembly was held on 12th May where Sr. Lisetta A.C, school manager, Sr. Joviana Fernandes A.C., school principal, Sr. Emelda Mary and  Tr. Ruma Nandy  were given a farewell.

Sr. Joviana Fernandes A.C. had come to Delhi as the Principal in 2015.  She as a true academician and disciplined person who adhered strictly to rules and regulations.  With her calm attitude and fair administration Sr. Joviana had endeared herself to all in the school be it the students, staff or parents. In the three years that she was here her kindness, compassion and eternal faith in God made a deep impact on everyone around her.  Under her guidance, Carmel Delhi's Diamond Jubilee year celebrations had been a tremendous success. Sr. Joviana' s presence will be missed by all

An extremely able manager Sr Lisetta' s simplicity and welcoming manner made her everyone's favorite.

Tr. Ruma Nandy joined Carmel 18 years back and was teaching SST in classes 8-10. A favorite of the students Tr Ruma Nandy will be remembered as an excellent Geography teacher and for her commitment towards the school, leadership qualities and enthusiasm towards all school activities. She was a friend and mentor to her students. Her colleagues will also dearly miss their friend.

Sr Emelda Mary taught SST in middle school. Her loving and friendly nature endeared her to all. She took great pains in making her lessons interesting and informative.

All the staff members, administrative staff and students attended the event.  The cabinet members spoke words of praise and bid farewell to their dear principal, Sisters and teacher. The beautifully organized assembly put forth some mesmerizing performances in honour of those who were leaving after having served the school with great commitment.

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Title : Alumni Meet of Silver Jubilee Batch of 1993

On 12th May 2018, a meet was held for the Silver Jubilee Alumni Batch of 1993. The alumni were welcomed by Sr. Joviana and Sr. Tina Maria.

The event was an emotional one for the alumni many of whom were meeting after a long time.  They were very happy to meet several teachers who had taught them, many of whom are now retired.

Presentations about the school and functioning of the alumni were shown. Souvenirs of the Diamond Jubilee celebrations were distributed. A game of Tambola conducted by Tr. Arti added to the fun.

The alumni generously donated Rs 3 lakhs and 2 smart boards to the school.

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Title : Earth Day 2018

On 24th of April, Carmel celebrated Earth Day which commenced with the morning assembly sensitizing the students on major issues that pose a threat to the environment today and by every student taking a pledge promising to do their best to Reuse, Reduce and Recycle resources. On the occasion of Earth Day, students and teachers actively participated in an Awareness Campaign through various competitions held by the Environment Club. A Rangoli making competition was also conducted where students were asked to make designs using waste material depicting the significance of Earth Day. Other competitions such as salad making were also held. Full of zeal and initiative the students did their little bit in increasing awareness in the neighbourhood addressing environmental issues facing our communities in order to save our Earth.



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Title : Book Week 2018

From 23rd to 27th April, a Book Week was organized in Carmel Convent School. On the first day of the Book Week an activity was held where every single student on campus as well as the teachers were asked read a book or a piece of any kind of article for half an hour in the morning. This activity marked the start of the Book Week. Students of all classes were able to browse through and buy books on a wide range of subjects due to the book stalls present on the assembly ground. Books for all ages, from coloring books for the little ones, to novels and autobiographies for elder students and teachers were available. The objective of the book week was not only to inculcate reading habits in the students of the school and explore the wonderful world of books but also to give a boost to their writing and vocabulary skills. Innovative assemblies were conducted in the course of the week to do the same.


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Title : Carmel Teachers Connect Meeting

Carmel Teachers' Connect had organized a get together on 10th March 2018. Keeping with the spirit and tradition of Carmel many retired and serving teachers attended. The teachers enjoyed the short programme and participated very enthusiastically in the games organized for them. These meetings play a strong role in helping the retired teachers keep in touch with the school. Many fond memories were shared by the retired teachers. The meeting ended with a positive note...... to stay connected.


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